The Best Tote Bags for Sunny Days


Our collection of Bags & Totes houses some of our all-time bestsellers — and we can see why! A great tote bag is truly a sunny day essential, whether it takes you poolside or on errands around town.

Many of our bags feature unique designs, exquisite craftsmanship and creative use of sustainable materials. Some of our featured brands have a great story behind them, too. Mercado Global, for example, provides donor-funded business education and leadership programs to help women in marginalized populations become successful business owners. With this income, artisans provide nutritious food to their families and invest in their children’s education — and the community breaks the cycle of poverty.

Discover more beautiful bags and totes in the shop — but good luck settling on just one! — and be sure to tag us on Instagram to spot it in the real world by tagging @dearkeaton and #resortlivingeveryday.





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